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How to Lose Pregnancy Weight

How to Lose Pregnancy Weight

Ladies, this is for you: If you have recently had a baby, you may be full of joy brought by a new life. You’re also likely to be exhausted and tired of celebrity moms who lose weight after pregnancy instantly.

How to Lose Pregnancy Weight

What they don’t tell you is that these celebrities have doctors, nutritionists, personal trainers, private chefs, and – if all else fails – Photoshop experts can update an appearance after pregnancy. What is a normal mom to do?

There are a lot of things that every woman can do to lose weight after pregnancy, in a healthy and sustainable manner. Here are some useful tips to help you start:

Call for Backup

Alone time is a very valuable for new mothers. If you want to lose weight after pregnancy, it is necessary to have time in your schedule to buy groceries and do exercises. This is where friends and family can help.

Don’t try to do everything alone. Ask your spouse to do some shopping or have a grandparent watch the baby so you can get some exercise. Many health clubs and recreation centers offer babysitting services, even for infants so you can have the time to get fit. Use the resources available in your community.

Nourish Your Body

This is not the time to binge on junk food, as tempting as it is. Pregnancy is difficult on the body, but you can accelerate your recovery by having several small, balanced meals a day. Calories should come from lean protein, green vegetables, fiber-rich fruits, dairy products and whole grains.

If you are breastfeeding, you will require more calories than normal to keep you and the baby healthy.  It is also important to drink lots of water. New mothers may require 64 to 128 ounces per day, especially when nursing.

Stay Active

Some days just to get out of bed it will take all of a new mom’s energy.  Cardio exercise is important for the conservation of health, and also helps you to lose weight after pregnancy faster. You don’t have to commit to gym exercises; you can do garden work while the baby takes a nap in a shady area, or you can go for a long walk, while pushing the baby in a stroller.

Whenever you can, try to do 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week. You may notice that your energy level actually increases while losing weight at the same time! Yoga may also reduce stress and weight. Try stretches and poses after waking for a surge of energy, add meditation and breathing exercises before going to bed to get a more restful sleep.

Stay Energized

When you have a newborn it’s difficult but important to get a sufficient quantity of sleep every night. This can be done by seeking out the help of others, or by taking naps during the day to maintain your energy. Try to sleep when the baby is asleep to maximize your rest periods.

Sleep helps us function mentally and physically. Only a small sleep deficit of a couple of hours a night may cause problems, such as the lack of attention, a compromised immune system and delayed healing ability. Unfortunately, most people do not get enough sleep which is particularly true for new mothers!

Take care of yourself so you can take care of your loved ones!  With the right nutrition, exercise, and rest, you will be on the way to lose weight after pregnancy in no time.