How to Lose Leg Fat

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How to Lose Leg Fat

Our legs carry us all day long, so it’s no wonder that they tend to be fairly muscular. But legs can be a troublesome area for many people, because the fat tends to accumulate, especially in the thighs.

How to Lose Leg Fat
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If you are wondering how to lose leg fat in a healthy manner, you’re in luck! Although there are no miracle cures, there are plenty of proven strategies that you can use to obtain slender sexy legs.

Lose Leg Fat with Exercise

Whenever we walk our legs get a workout, which isn’t enough to work off extra fat.  In order to permanently lose leg fat, it’s best to begin a regular cardio program and add some strength training.


Cardio exercise increases the heart rate and speeds up our metabolism in burning fat. Use a calculator online to obtain your target heart rate for maximum fat burning.  Also use an aerobic exercise that keeps you at that level for a minimum of 20 minutes a day 3 to 5 days a week.

What is the best exercise? Swimming, cycling, jogging or walking on sand, or at the bottom of the pool will target your legs… If you don’t care for any of these activities, try group exercise classes or sports. The key is to determine the activity you prefer so that you will do it on a regular basis without feeling bored or tortured.

It’s o.k. to start slow, especially in the case that you are not accustomed to regular exercise. Choose a fun activity for a period of 15 minutes per day and work your way up to 30 minutes.

Strength exercises can be carried out at the gym or at home. The machines at the gym are great for leg exercise. If you prefer to stay home, try squats, wall sits and lunges.

Get Rid of Leg Fat with Diet

A highly thermogenic diet helps you lose leg fat quicker. Thermogenic foods are believed to increase core body temperature, which leads to faster metabolism. Many swear by this idea even though there are several that are skeptical. Those foods that ate most thermogenic include tropical fruit, peppers and green tea.

Complete the rest of your diet with leafy vegetables, low-fat milk products, whole eggs, lean meat and products of whole grains. Go easy on using sugar and salt and use unsaturated fats instead of trans fats which can be dangerous.

Lose Leg Fat by Reducing Stress

Stress causes weight gain. When the body feels threatened by stress, illness, or too frequent dieting, it holds on to fat and begins storing more calories as fat. This is because of the initial instinct of survival, which helped our ancestors through times of hunger. Today many of us accumulate fat because we are not threatened by famine.

By doing yoga you can reduce your stress level and body fat. Yoga reduces stress hormones by relieving mind and body stress.

For toning your legs, try poses that require balance on one leg, that require you to stand with bent knees, or floor poses where you hold your legs away from your body.

You cannot lose leg fat without loss of fat from the rest of the body. Take care of yourself by eating right and exercising, and your legs will shape up fast!