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Facts about fast weight loss diets

Facts about fast weight loss diets

Rapid weight loss diets have existed since the first dieter looked at their midriff and thought, “I have to lose a few pounds – NOW”.  Although experience has shown that “fast fashion” diets usually result in temporary weight loss, dieters still quest for the Holy Grail: A diet that allows them to lose weight quick and keep it off.

Although there is no trick for an immediate weight loss miracle, you can take steps to speed up the process without the need for a quick weight loss diet. Here’s how:

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Rev up your metabolism with the right foods

Yo-yo dieting over years can slow down your metabolism by 30%. Eating too few calories to try to achieve weight loss may be the issue.  To get back on track, you must eat enough calories to fuel your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

You can find detailed online BMR calculators that will tell you how many calories you need for the day day. If you exercise or have a physically demanding job, more is needed. Try to get most of the calories from lean protein, whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

You may initially gain some weight because your body will require time to repair itself, but don’t let that impede your efforts.  Your metabolism will adjust itself after eating the right number of calories for a few weeks or months and you will start to lose weight.  By sticking to a balanced diet, you can lose a pound a week or two pounds a week with diet AND exercise.

Do not forget the exercise!

Most rapid weight loss diets recommend eating very little and do not include exercising.  Even though you may lose weight quickly in the beginning, the weight will come back if you go back to your previous eating habits.  You will also not receive the same health benefits by diet alone as with exercise and a balanced diet.

Experts agree that the exercise routine that includes cardiovascular and strength development is the best. One to two hours of strength exercise and three to five hours of cardio programs are enough to make a difference.  You should also consider yoga to relax if you have a lot of stress in your life.  If you have a lot of stress in your life, three to five hours of cardio and an hour or two of strength training are enough to make significant changes in body shape and fitness level.

Some of the benefits that exercise will have on your health are improving your mood, helping you sleep well, making you stronger and more agile, and improving your balance. It also protects the heart and defends you against metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. These are the benefits that rapid weight loss diets cannot provide.

Forget starvation diets

We have all heard the stories of famous people who drank more lemonade with honey and cayenne pepper to lose weight quickly for a role. You don’t hear that these people get all their weight back as soon as they went back to their previous diets.

By using a fad diet you’ll end up tired, hungry, irritable, dehydrated, with more weight than before.  The fad diet could seriously damage your metabolism, making it impossible to lose weight, even when you eat too few calories.  So do yourself a favor and avoid putting yourself through the unnecessary stress and eat sensibly to achieve weight loss.

Give your body the proper nutrition, hydrate yourself and stay in motion to keep a healthy weight and stay healthy.