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3 Miracle Foods that Burn Fat

3 Miracle Foods that Burn Fat

Are there really miracle foods that burn fat? It might sound too good to be true, but objective studies have found that people who consume particular foods, eventually lose more weight than those who do not eat the same foods — even if all other factors are the same!

Let’s examine the three most popular foods that burn fat, according to research:


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Beans are the preferred source of protein in the diet everywhere in the world. Beans offer a healthy combination protein and carbohydrates. Beans are demanding to digest, which takes the body longer to process. This is good because it maintains stable blood sugar, and helps you feel full longer.

The real magic of beans is the fiber content. Fiber creates an exercise session for your digestive system. It helps your digestive system operate well and helps to keep blood glucose from going too high. The best choice are simple beans. Sweet baked beans, re-fried beans which are fatty can undermine your weight loss efforts by giving you too many calories and simple carbohydrates.

Skim Milk

Calcium is probably the most popular metabolism booster of all the foods that burn fat. There is evidence that calcium creates weight loss. Of two control groups that were studied with everything the same, one group was given several servings of calcium each day. The group that received the calcium lost about three times much weight as the group that did not receive the calcium.

Calcium can be accessed from vegetables such as broccoli, but milk products still remain the most popular choice. Select the products made from 2%, 1% or fat-free milk, because they provide the largest amount of calcium in the least number of calories.

Green Tea

Green tea is heralded as a miracle weight loss product for years. Green tea has powerful antioxidants that can lower cancer causing free radicals. The small amount of caffeine is enough to increase your metabolism and heart rate without putting much stress on your body. As a mild diuretic, it can be useful in eliminating retained fluid.

Studies have shown that green tea can be a good fat burner. Individuals that consume 4 – 6 cups of green tea a day have a more accelerated weight loss than those who don’t consume green tea.

Honorable Mention: Water

Even though water doesn’t have any nutrition, it is still high on a list of foods that burn fat. Water satiates the appetite, dilutes sodium to overcome bloating, drives retained fluid from the body, and promotes healing. Water can also help your metabolism run at its most efficient level.

Kidneys are the bodies main filtration system; they help to rid the body of waste fluids and toxins. But they need a lot of hydration to continue to function correctly. When the kidneys do not have enough water, they rely on the liver as a backup.

Even though the liver can serve as an alternate filtration system, that is not the best use for the liver. It is intended for, and excels in, transforming fat into usable energy. If the liver has to aid the kidneys, it can’t metabolize fat as efficiently as it is supposed to. The metabolism can be brought back to normal by consuming plenty of water every day.

For a fast and constructive diet eat foods that burn fat. Also drink at least 64 ounce of pure drinking water every day and you’ll be on the way to successful and permanent weight loss.